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Delta Soccer Club CUN Clinic

March 2nd, 2019

The Delta Soccer Club organized the CUN soccer clinic led by Ronald Leon and rallied together 16 delta employees from TechOps and ACS. 9 Delta employees flew out from SLC, LAX and ATL and joined 5 CUN ACS employees to host the soccer clinic for Kalaaks soccer school from Cancun and Car JEMA soccer school from Puerto Morelos. We also reached out Carlos Gomez from Aeromexico ACS in CUN and they paid for the soccer field and referees and also put a team together for a friendly match against Delta. In addition, Delta Wellness donated water bottles, towels, and Delta Wellness branded shirts to give out to the children during the soccer clinic.

The event took place on Saturday in the soccer field “los pescaderos” in Puerto Morelos, MEX, and we successfully held a one hour and 30 min soccer clinic with 50 Children from the local community. We gave out the gifts from Delta Wellness, and also donated 15 soccer balls to the locals schools.

After the clinic the Delta Team played a Friendly match with the AMX team where at the end of 60 mins. both teams tied to 1-1 and AMX won the penalty shootout 6-5.

The event was made possible by the following people:

Demetrio Acevedo and Raquel Torres – ACS CUN leadership team (provided team transportation)

Carlos Gomez – AMX CUN leadership team (Provided field and refs)

Ronald Leon – DAL TechOps (Organizer of event)

Emmanuel Vega – CUN ACS (Organizer of event)

Jae Kullar and Meqele Bleasdille – Delta Wellness (provided giveaways for children)